Anti-Seep Collars/Plugs
Geotechnical Applications

Anti-Seep Collars/Plugs

Water 'piping' on the outside of a corrugated pipe following the annular space of the installation trench

Traditionally, “anti-seep collars” made of a variety of materials (rubber, PVC, plastics, etc.) have been recommended and installed as impermeable diaphragms that encircle the pipe. While these structures are intended and often do prevent wash-out, uniform compaction of the soil around the collar can be difficult or impossible, depending on soil characteristics. An installer often has to choose either to minimize compaction, so as not to destroy the collar or, risk compromising the performance of the collar by insuring proper compaction.

The installation of AquaBlok, either in conjunction with an anti-seep collar or as a stand-alone replacement (as a solids-rich backfill), helps both seal and support the exterior of a pipe – dramatically reducing the likelihood of unwanted water migration and instability.

Schematic depicting an AquaBlok anti-seep 'plug' utilized during the installation of a riser structure

The traditional alternative:

Traditional diaphram anti-seep collars during installation

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